I would like to dedicate this series to my Mother, "Dolly".
She showered me with love unconditionally and instilled in me the true meaning of "eternal" love.
"The years teach much which the days never know." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maine Village Church with Snow (184)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Altar (185)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Icon Painting (186)

Stained Glass Window "Nativity"
St. John's, Bangor, Maine (187)

Our Lady Icon Painting II (188)

Our Lady – Fall (189)

Crucifix at Christmas (194)

"Let the children come to me" (195)

Our Lady – Mother's Day (196)

"I am with you always" Matthew 28:20 (197)

Beacon of Hope (203)

Butterfly on Azalea (204)

St. Jude Icon Painting (205)

"Have Faith...Tides Change" (206)

"Peace Be With You" (207)

Stained Glass Window "Christ is Risen"
San Marco, Marco Island, FL (208)

"The greatest of these"... 1 Corinthians (209)

Sunset "Gratitude" (210)

Butterfly on Monarch (216)

"The Heart Keeps Faith" (217)

God is with me (218)

On Angel's Wings (219)

God's Light...Peace (220)

Heaven's Glow II (223)

"Heaven's Glow" (Series for Triptych) (222)

Heaven's Glow I (221)

Praying Angel (069)

Guardian Angel (086)

Woman Statue (070)

Franciscan Monastery (065)
Kennebunkport, Maine

Winter's Blessing (145)

Garden Statute (064)

Summer on Quaker Ridge (077)

The Faithful & True (068)

Cross (067)
Quaker Ridge, Casco, Maine

Looking to Heaven (078)

Tea By The Sea (066)
Photo taken in the garden at "Tea By The Sea"
in East Boothbay, Maine

Sacred Place (182)